When are you open?

Tuesday evenings 7.30pm – 10.30pm. Bookings are essential for visitors. Please email us at: northcoterifleclubhotmail.com

How do I make a booking?

Only email bookings are accepted. Please email us and state:
  • Your full name and home address
  • Your contact phone number
  • The number of people who wish to attend (we have a two person limit).
You will be advised by return email of the next available date and if you do not confirm this date as soon as possible, the booking may be lost.  NOTE: There may be a waiting list.

Can I drop in for a look?

Yes. However, just looking won’t give you a full appreciation of what our sport is about – you need to try it! Bookings are essential as we need to assign a coach for every visitor. Our club has fixed programs running throughout the year and these take priority so unless you have a confirmed booking, don’t be disappointed if you don’t get to shoot.

How much does it cost?

The introductory session is $30.00
EFTPOS is not available.

Do I have to become a club member to shoot?

No, but we can only allow you a limited number of visits. If you wish to continue you will need to become a club member.

How much is club membership?

There are two fees involved. You must become a member of our club and of our governing body, Target Rifle Victoria.
  • Northcote Rifle Club fee  $55.00 per year
  • Target Rifle Victoria fee  $175.00 per year

Any other fees?

As a visitor, there are no other fees. As a club member, a $10.00 nightly range fee gives you unlimited use of the range.

I don’t want to become a member, I only want to shoot occasionally. Is this allowed?

No. Owning or shooting a rifle has legal responsibilities, so for this reason we can’t allow it.

How long will I get on the range?

You will be taken through a Range and Firearms Safety Induction before your session on the range. A session takes approximately 20 minutes. Allow at least two hours for your visit.

What happens in a shooting session?

A coach will set you up in the prone position and assist you as needed. You will shoot 15 rounds of ammunition at your own target card.

What is prone position?

Shooting at a target from a laying down position.

Do I need to bring anything?

No. Everything including the ammunition will be provided. However, it is recommended that women wear pants as the coach will need to check your shooting position from various angles.

I’ve never shot before! Will I have help?

Don’t worry, every visitor gets a coach by their side to provide assistance.

I’m an experienced shooter, do I need a coach?

Safety is our prime concern and we insist that all visitors have a coach. Our style of shooting is very different from field shooting and as a visitor you will not be familiar with our techniques or safety procedures.

Do I need a firearms licence?

As a visitor, a firearms licence is not required but you will only be allowed to attend for a limited time. Handling firearms comes with legal responsibilities and all club members are required to obtain a firearms licence. This licence will allow you to purchase a rifle and ammunition and to store, transport and shoot it.

Can I join the club to get a firearms licence for hunting purposes?

No. Firearms licences are only issued for specific purposes. Our club is strictly about competitive target shooting on a Target Rifle Victoria approved range. This category of firearms licence is not valid for hunting.

How old do I have to be?

Minimum age is 16 and children need to be accompanied by an adult.

Do you have women in the club?

Yes. This is one of the few sports where men and women can compete equally in the same events.

Can I bring my own rifle and ammunition?

No. We are licensed for .22” calibre, single shot bolt-action target rifles only. These are designed especially for our sport. Any rifle with a telescopic sight or a magazine is not allowed.

Is there any recoil and how loud is the shot?

There is very little to no recoil and the sound is not deafening. However, we provide everyone with hearing protection.

How big is the target?

Look at a 50 cent coin from 20 metres away to get a rough idea, and the bullseye is the size of a pin head. It’s not as hard as it sounds!

Do you take group bookings for special occasions?

Please email us with your enquiry.